1. Voice Portal Solutionswhat is voice portal

A voice portal is an “Interactive Voice Response System” that can be accessed entirely by voice calls. It is an unique medium to share Information, also do transaction with your target audience in an effective way.

  1. how it is work

The Voice portal will be hosted on cloud platform, where client can call to

Is Working hour get information. It can be assigned with Local Mobile Number or Toll Free forIndian CC Number.

It works with IVR system, hence we can share pre recorded information with client, where client can get desired information by entering in desired section, providing DTMF inputs.With integration to Client database it can complete transaction without human interaction.

  1. benefits of voice portal

*It has many benefits, like:

*Enhances quality of customer experience Local language availability

*Works 24/7/365 Cost effective

*No Live Agent required

*Accurate Information (No Human error) Ability to handle multiple calls

*Maximum up time

*Simple to integrate with third party CRM

*Call analytics with a reporting interface etc.